Post Christmas Sewing Update – Part 1

All the gifts have been given and opened, so now I can share my Christmas sewing projects with you.  I ended up making 38 Christmas pillow cases for friends and family.  It was such a fun project and I was so pleased with how they all turned out.  This pillow case pattern is such a quick sew and one of the things I like most about the finished product is that there are no unfinished seams exposed anywhere.  It is just such an elegant finished project.  Let me show you!

A stack of pillowcases pinned using the “burrito method” and ready to be sewn!

This isn’t all of them, but this picture made me smile.  Just look how festive my cutting table looks!


Some of the finished pillow cases…aren’t they colorful??

Can you tell I’m not a photographer?  Still, you can see how the simple holly berries and pine boughs were a more adult Christmas theme when compared to the brightly colored modern print below.  These were my two favorites, when it was all said and done.


Two of my favorite fabric combinations! Aren’t they cheerful?

Traditional candy canes and then some festive Christmas reindeer…what’s not to love?


Two more sets…I just loved so much of the Christmas fabric in the stores…it was hard to choose.

Finally, a different version of the reindeer print, some adorable puppies, and an awesome Cotton and Steel interpretation of Christmas.  Very modern and non-traditional…my sister picked that fabric out herself and had it shipped straight to me!


Oh, this detail shot has the fabric my sister picked out for herself – the Cotton and Steel snow globes! Above that is the fabric I picked for my SIL who is very involved with a rescue organization…I thought it was perfect!

All in all, this was a fun and rewarding project.  It was fantastic to actually give worthwhile handmade gifts to my family and friends…oh, and did I mention that I got them done early enough for people to enjoy them BEFORE Christmas…just added to the festivity in their homes without adding to the clutter that sometimes/always comes with the holidays!