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A Rush Job!

What do you do when a friend calls in a panic at 8:00 o’clock at night and asks you if there is any way you could make a poodle skirt for her daughter by 2:30 the next afternoon?  You tell her to meet you at JoAnn they close to pick out the fabric!!   The hardest part of the project was helping an 8-year old girl decide on a fabric choice.  While I was originally going to applique the poodle myself, the project got even easier when we found a premade poodle patch by Singer.  A little bit of wide black elastic and we were good to go!

After that, I quickly googled “circle skirt tutorial” and found a fabulous video tutorial by Made Everyday.   (Did I mention I’d never made a circle skirt before?)  It really was quite simple…as everyone knows, hemming a circle skirt seems to be the hardest part.  Once the skirt was finished, I used some of the leftover fabric for a “ribbon” for the girl’s ponytail and the project was done.  Pretty cute, isn’t it??  Best of all was getting a picture of the skirt on the smiling girl at the event.  This was one fun rush job.

(I know some people really don’t like their friends asking them to sew things for them, but I’m not one of them.  I am always so flattered that people will come to me to help them out…I never ever feel taken advantage of.  After all, if I don’t have time or don’t think I can handle the project, I decline.)